Three-day Umay Lam training of Trainers for CTA Staff held in Dharamshala


Dharamshala: Information Secretary T.G. Arya on 11 March inaugurated a 3-day workshop ‘Training for Trainers’ on Umaylam for CTA staff. Secretary welcomed the two trainers, Ms Jaya and Ms Durba and explained to the gathering that the workshop was conducted with the objective of educating the participants on how to inform the general public about the “Middle Way Approach”. He pointed out, “CTA’s Middle Way Approach seeks to resolve the issue of Tibet through dialogue with China”, adding that “Tibetans seek genuine autonomy for themselves with the freedom to practise their own religion and culture, and language, while China desires Tibet to remain with China. However, it is unacceptable to Tibetans that they should be treated as minorities in their own homeland.” He said the trainers are specialised in convincingly communicating the message across to the target audience and clarified that they are not to be mistaken for policy experts. He concluded by urging the participants to attend the workshop regularly.



The workshop was organised by the Middle Way Desk of DIIR. Trainers Jaya and Durba have in the past undertaken several workshops of such kind to the CTA staff, Settlement officers and staff of Tibetan NGOs.

The workshop follows a specially designed manual titled, ‘Umaylam for Tibet and the world- Community workshop manual’, which includes group games, activities and presentations. The manual allows the participants to gain deep insight on Umay Lam as well as understanding the various facets of being a trainer and facilitator.