Sikyong reaffirms commitment to the Middle Way Approach

Dharamshala: On the completion of his 9th and penultimate term as the President of Central Tibetan Administration, Dr Lobsang Sangay on Thursday issued a political statement, in which he spoke on issues ranging from the global attitudinal shift towards China and its bearings on the global Tibet movement, the COVID-19 as the catalyst to the global discourse, and social, moral and political responsibilities of Tibetans in light of these new developments.

Observing the Wuhan originated pandemic as the most significant catalyst in the world from a historical, economic and political view, Sikyong said it is to set to divide the world into China and its allies on the one side versus the US and its allies on the other.

This pandemic is stated to bring 9 trillion dollars loss, 6-8% fall, economic decline with massive employment rate, he said, adding that there is resentment globally, resolution for a global probe into the COVID-19 origins and China’s accountability received the overwhelming support of around 130 countries at the World Health Assembly in Geneva.

With the US and many leading countries poised to harden their stance against China’s suppression and the violation of democratic rights and many already decoupling from trade partnerships provide an opportunity for the world to re-appreciate the Tibetan cause. In that light, Sikyong appealed the Tibetan community in exile to re-dedicate efforts to advance the Tibet cause globally.

Dismissing the Umaylam/Rangzen discourse as insignificant, he reminded the community of His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s constant appeal for Tibetan unity and dedication to the just cause of Tibet, and his vision for the Middle Way Approach.

Sikyong reaffirmed his commitment to the Middle Way Policy as the most viable solution to the protracted issue of Tibet, saying that it is a deeply-researched policy that enables Tibetan leaders and representatives to engage with government across the world on the issue of Tibet.

Because the policy does not challenge the One-China policy, the Tibetan leadership is received everywhere around the world to further the Tibetan movement. Based on the Middle Way Approach, the Tibet issue has gained momentum and enjoys cross-parliamentary and government support from North America to Europe and SE Asia. 

He further pointed out that Middle Way does not mean acceding to China, ‘so while we call for autonomy, the wrongs of the Chinese government will not be ignored, but accounted for’. 

Sikyong speaking about his commitment to fulfilling the aspirations and wishes of His Holiness the Dalai Lama said that throughout his 9 years of service, he has always strived towards fulfilling His Holiness’ wishes and aspirations. In all his audiences with the Holiness, Sikyong has always apprised His Holiness with news of positive developments with the hope to please His being in order to contribute to his longevity.

‘It is due to the noble leadership of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the CTA and the hard work of previous generations that have shaped the success of the exile Tibetan community. From the tender age 16 years, His Holiness assumed the political leadership of Tibet and worked tirelessly for the freedom and happiness of Tibetan people. More than his own life, His Holiness prioritises the welfare of all Tibetans like a caring parent.

‘Tibetans around the world must mobilise efforts to advocate the Tibetan cause at the local and national governments, parliaments and media spaces. This is the ripe time to push changes in the foreign policy of their respective countries.’